Sunday, April 6, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

Holy Crap! Be prepared... get a drink and make yourself comfortable because I have a ton of catching up to do! I'm so sorry I have been out of the loop. I just haven't had time to sit and blog. We have had a lot of fun lately and we are really itching for the nice weather to get here and stay. Liam is so confused that somedays we can play outside and go on walks and other days we can't because it's "freezing cold," as he likes to say! It's going to be nice for all of us to get outside for some fresh air. I have spring fever in the worst way!

March was a time for a lot of changes in our little guy. First, I'm happy to say he's about 97% potty trained, even with the number 2's! It's the most fantastic thing that can happen to a mom! Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to have another baby, but why would I when the one I have is getting easier everyday? Also, just last Saturday I put Liam in his crib for a nap and before I was out the door, he was behind me! He crawled out of his crib like it was no thing and had been planning his escape for a while. I called my mom in a panic because I have been dredding this for a while. We brought the twin bed up from the basement and got him some Lightening McQueen bedding and he's the happiest kid in America. I have not had one problem with him in a big boy bed, it's been so nice!

So the rest of this will be a picture story. I will try to keep up a little better! As a side note - last Friday was the 6 month b-day of the ice cream store! It has been so much fun and more successful than we could have dreamed! We had a 700% sales increase from the first day to April 4th! We are very proud and excited to see it continue to succeed and grow!

Natalie and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert at the last minute! We sat one row from the top but it was a blast! Thanks for going with me Nat! :)

The stage was the coolest I have ever seen at a concert! The floor was one big movie screen! This was the last song - Life is a Highway! It was so cool!

Liam being silly Easter morning. He put my headband on his head himself and looked very funny!

The dogs have spring fever too. Jager has to have surgery on his back knee. I'm not excited about it at all.
My mom and Nat came over for a bbq on Easter then we went for a walk to the park. This is Liam rolling down the hill. It was hilarious! He was laughing so hard!
I swear he's catching air at this point...
Liam saying "Let's go again Dad!"

The new big boy bed! He's so cute!
Liam launching off of the big boy bed, his favorite activity!
We left the crib in his room just incase, but we are taking it out today because he's doing so well. It a little bitter sweet taking the crib out of his room.

My mom and I took Liam to the Sesame Street exhibit at the Children's Museum. It was very fun and Liam really loved it. I was trying to take a pic of Liam with Big Bird but there was so much going on, he couldn't concentrate!
Again, problems concentrating!
Liam took this pic of me all by himself. I'm telling ya, he's a great photographer!
Liam on the front steps of Sesame Street!
Driving, driving...

Jeremy and I took an overnight this weekend to St. George. He gave me tickets to the Colbie Caillat concert at Tuacahn for my birthday in January. It was a great concert and it's always beautiful down there. We set up the camera to take pics of ourselves. Yes, I have to wear glasses now! But they are cute and have bling on the sides!

We sat 5 rows from the front. It was amazing, I've never been that close at a concert! Tim Fagen is a guy in Colbie's band that played before she came out and I thought he was great, and really cute! This is the two of them singing "Realize"together, they were really good!

Well, that's one whole month in a nut shell! I changed the template of my blog and I lost some friends and family links. Jenni, Meadow and Marcie... can you please email me the web sites to your blogs again so I can relink them?
Thanks - Love you all!