Sunday, February 24, 2008

100 Things...

1. I love, love, love being a mom!!!
2. I think I'm a good listener and a half way decent problem solver (maybe that's why everyone tells me their problems and woes!)
3. If I ever have another boy I will name him Harrison and call him Harry after a hilarious inside joke between my nerdy husband and myself. Ask me sometime, I will tell you the story and you will understand how incredibly nerdy Jeremy really is... but I really actually like the name. Then I would have Prince William and Prince Harry!
4. I really have no passion or hobby other than this blogging thing.
5. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...
6. I really wish I had more time to volunteer, I think it's so important. Maybe when I'm old...
7. I love my huge extended family and really don't know what I would do without every single person in it. They all represent a different part of who I am...
8. I wish I could play the piano and fully intend to take lessons again some day...
9. I have no interest in anything Asian - not the decor, history or culture. I do like the food though - alot - but not sushi...
10. I am obsessed with the news... like really, really obsessed! My tv comes on in the morning to wake me up with the channel 2 news, I watch it at 6 and again at 10 and check msn and a few times during the day to see if I am missing anything... I agree it's pathetic!
11. Along with local and national news, I am almost equally obsessed with the entertainment industry and tabloids. I watch inside edition or entertainment tonight almost every night and check the entertainment section of msn every time I log on...
12. I think my house is a hodge podge and really hope it all comes together some day...
13. 13 is my favorite, most lucky number. It was always my number when I played soccer and I love Friday the 13th...
14. I am terrified of earthquakes... they are the natural disaster I fear most. Good thing I live in UT!
15. I am still undecided if I will ever have another baby... Jeremy would say I am very decided that I am having another baby, but I just don't know about the whole being pregnant again thing...
16. I love cheesy teen movies (High School Musical, She's the Man and Mean Girls and a few of my faves!)
17. I have had the same best friend since I was in 4th grade! Love you Marcie!
18. I would love for Liam to grow up to be a weather man! I have no idea why, I just think that would be cool...
19. I love new cars (for myself!)
20. I love all things country! I love the music, the movies, and especially the cowboys! I don't think people would guess that about me, but I really do. Some of my fave things are the movies 8 Seconds, Broken Bridges and that George Strait movie I can't think of right now! Garth, Rascall Flatts, Chris Ledoux and Kenny Chesney are my favorite artists!
21. I love that my Uncle Don taught me the greatness of Jimmy Buffett! I am a Parott Head to the bone!
22. I'm not sympathetic at all, but I am extremely compassionate. I think the difference is I don't feel bad for people, but I do feel for people in my heart!
23. I truly feel that if I picked up Britney Spears and brought her to my home I could help her to be a normal person...
24. I voted for Hillary Clinton :)
25. I love being a McGeary!
26. I love that Liam will know my grandparents through the memories my family shares...
27. I am glad that Jeremy and I are so open with each other... I'm glad we fight, I'm glad we are interested in the same things, and I'm glad we can fart in front of each other. I know that sounds stupid, we are so incredibly comfortable with each other. Nothing surprises us...
28. I am NOT romantic!
29. I really love Utah and can't imagine living anywhere else...
30. I hate bad grammar (especially in professional emails)
31. I don't think playing dumb is ever cute...
32. I think I am hilarious when I am with my mom and my sister but not really any other time. I am a different person with them, but I know they bring out the best in me!
33. I am proud of the woman I have become! I like who I am and wouldn't change anything about me. I love my body and my soul and am completely content!
34. I think I get #33 from my mom!
35. See #33 and #34 - I wish upon wish that I can instill that same confidence in my children!
36. I have to work at being "in fashion." Mostly because I am a true t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and maybe even a little bit granola!
37. This list has turned out to be a little harder than I thought it would and I'm only on number 37...
38. I am only snobby about 2 things... MAC makeup and Smith sunglasses.
39. I love gifts - more giving than receiving! I get so excited about holidays mostly for that reason.
40. My favorite movies are: Pretty Woman, French Kiss, Grease and the Holiday.
41. But I will always stop to watch You've Got Mail every time it's on tv!
42. Even though it's Corny, I love to scrapbook and I think I'm pretty good at it too. I just don't have the time or space to do it...
43. I really don't like mopping my floors. I don't mind any other cores, but I hate mopping...
44. I only do my grocery shopping at Harmons. (Okay, I guess that's 3 things I'm snobby about!) Jeremy gets mad that I shop there because he says it's too expensive, but they have the best meat department, the cleanest store and the friendliest employees! I hope people say that about my store someday, (except ice cream, not meat!)
45. I love to blog!
46. My Tassy dog is named after my mom! It's her nick-name in my family...
47. I was in 3 high school musicals: 42nd Street, Fiddler on the Roof and Grease! I am really glad I did that, I think it gave me an appreciation for the shows and the music. And I got to learn to tap dance in 42nd street, I would have never done that without that show!
48. My favorite meal is breakfast and I'm a sucker for muffins of any kind.
49. I would love to love running... I would even love to run a marathon at sometime in my life but I'm just to dang lazy!
50. Finally, I'm at freakin' 50! I really thought I was an interesting person, but this is a hard task!
51. I have been to Paris but have only seen the Eiffel Tower from a distance. One thing I will never forget is hiking to the Sacré Coeur late, late one night and seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the distance. I have to take my mom there someday!
52. I wish I was more educated in politics. I don't have an opinion as much as I love listening to other people's...
53. I love concerts but think they are way too expensive. It actually makes me mad that entertainers charge the fans as much as they do. I think they should perform for the fans because we keep them in business. (Concerts I loved: Garth... above all, NKOTB, Toby Keith 2x's, Rascall Flatts, Billy Joel 2x's, and Aerosmith)
54. I really love coffee - anyway you serve it!
55. I love beer too! - I couldn't claim to be a McGeary if I didn't!
56. I am an avid reader. I love books that take me out of reality, I love to live other people's lives for a little bit. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. I have read everyone of his books and can usually read them in a few nights.
57. I have to buy my books. I don't like to get them from the library and I know that's ridiculous, but I get that from my dad. Maybe one day I can have my own library!
58. I am the best sleeper, but I hate naps. I can fall asleep in seconds at the end of the day, but I think naps are a waste of time.
59. I never, ever miss a meal. In fact, most of my day is spent wondering what I will eat next!
60. I love that we own an ice cream store and that "Marble Slab Creamery" was my idea!
I can't believe I got to #60 before I said that!
61. My favorite ice cream is peppermint with brownie and hot fudge in a waffle bowl.
62. I have a BS in Sociology from the University of Utah. I'm very thankful that I have it, it was hard for me, but it's one of my greatest accomplishments!
63. I love that Liam says he loves me now without me telling him I love him first!
64. I get giddy about the word phenomenal! I know it's weird!
65. I am so very thankful for the time I had with my grandpa. Without my grandpa I would never know about the big silver dollar and the little brown cent or about the old man who was laying in the gutter all guzzled up with beer, or what the bread of an Englishman smells like, or how hard it is to get unstuck from a vice, or how to truly love and take care of your family!
66. One of my favorite inventions is the black Old Navy flip-flop! Without it I really don't think my life would be complete.
67. I don't like to cook dinner and I really don't think I'm that good at it, but when I don't cook I always feel a little guilty that I should have...
68. I have a true appreciation for instant gratification. That's probably the true reason I don't cook, it's so much easier to get take out!
69. I had too much fun at Utah State and really don't think I would have ever graduated college if I hadn't moved home. Even still, it was by far one of the funnest times of my life! I really learned a lot and have kept some great friends from there!
70. I was president of the Newman Club at USU. It's the Catholic kids support group in a world full of Mormons! I'm not a churchey person, but that was an awesome title to hold. Without that, I wouldn't have gotten to go to Paris and Rome!
71. I really don't like cats, and really really don't like that I have 2 of them... I'm not just saying that!
72. I don't like scary movies or haunted houses. I don't like to pay money for some idiot to scare the crap out of me!
73. Speaking of scary movies and such... I hate thunder. I know that's a little kid thing, but I really don't like it!
74. I loved my wedding, it was exactly what I wanted and dreamed of as a little girl! In fact, I would love to be a wedding planner... maybe that's what I should be when I grow up!
75. I love to shop! My favorite stores are Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Express, Sephora and the Tanger Outlet Center in Park City!
76. Speaking of Park City... I've never been to the Sundance Film Festival. Maybe I should do that some day!
77. I have realized that I have written too much on each line and this is going to be the longest post in history! It will probably take up all the memory of blog spot.
78. My favorite TV show of all time is Friends but Grey's Anatomy is a close second.
79. We have another dog named Jeager..He's Jeremy's dog and has bitten me 3 times, but I still think he's pretty cool.
80. My favorite vacation spots are Vegas and San Diego. But now that we have Cheesecake Factory, Vegas isn't such a big deal... now if we could just get a Sephora!
81. I love sweets... anything with sugar but especially brownies with no nuts!
82. My favorite sport is NFL football, but I'm starting to appreciate college football more and more. I feel like they play because they love the game!
83. I prefer snow to rain. Rain just makes everything messy.
84. Being a mom, I have recognized all the sacrifices moms make everyday... like not watching your favorite show, not relaxing on the couch after work, but having a child is better than not!
85. I now know I prefer Barney over Bob the Builder.
86. I have always been okay with people saying I'm a goodey-goodey. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
87. I love having family pictures taken. I think they are important.
88. I love the mountains and the beach equally but I love living by the mountains more. I don't like the humidity as much as the constant dry weather that leaves my lips and hands cracked and my nose stinging and my hair brittle... It's true though!
89. I subscribe to Netflix but still buy movies on pay-per-view. I guess that's that instant gratification thing again!
90. I would love to have a salad with blue cheese, a steak and a sweet potato for dinner tonight at Ruby River. I wonder what my dad is doing tonight...
91. I think I have the personality of my mom, but the same likes as my dad. I think that's interesting... I have the spending habits of both though...
92. I am thankful that I went to Catholic school my whole life. Liam will definitely go to Catholic school, I think it's important!
93. I just read from #1 and am thinking that no one will really be surprised by what they have read about me. I am a very open person and pride myself in having nothing to hide. I think all things that happen in life happen for a reason and you should always be proud of yourself.
94. I would love to adopt an older child some day. I think there are tons of children who need a home and someone to love them, but everyone wants babies. That way I don't have to be pregnant again!
95. My favorite quote from a book is: "Never do anything you can't tell your mom about" from the biography of Author Ashe. I read that book when I was young and always have that saying in the back of my mind. I think that keeps me in check!
96. I believe that kids today are too greedy. I think kids should get good grades and behave because they respect themselves and their parents not because they get treats or even money. I think my sister and I were both good kids because we had that pride in ourselves and our families.
97. I know I've already kind of said this, but I really hope Jeremy and I can be the parents that my parents were. I had a great childhood and have had a great life all because of them.
98. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. I know Liam will be an awesome kid because of all the different things my family and friends can teach him.
99. I think someday soon I will read the Bible cover to cover. I've never done that and think it would be cool.
100. I challenge everyone to write 100 things about themselves. It look me a whole week to write this list and almost 3 hours to type it. I really learned a lot about myself just in doing this list. A few points I laughed out loud, even got teary-eyed a couple times (maybe that should be #100, I cry at the drop of a hat!) I think I am very lucky to be where I am in life and hope I can give Liam all the blessings I have had in my life!

We finally get to go skiing!

I am so glad we didn't go skiing a few weeks before, because last week when we finally went, it was so freakin' beautiful! Jeremy and I went to Brighton for the first time in a long time. I was actually embarrassed because I couldn't remember the lifts and how to get to Great Western so I was asking everyone on the lifts, but once we got going it all started coming back to me! The weather was awesome, we just wore our thermals and coats. I love when that happens! We stopped for lunch and a beer and ate outside too! But after being at Brighton all day I remembered why I love Alta and Solitude so much more. There were too many young punk snowboarders and it's too small. Solitude and Alta have a more mature crowd and I think their runs are a little more challenging too. Now I feel old that I have said that! Anyway, here are some pics from our fun day...

Oh, Beautiful!

Yea... A new post!!!

Jeremy and I were supposed to go skiing on Super Bowl Sunday, but the weather was awful and we got tons of snow. We were still longing to play in the snow so we bundled up and built the biggest snowman I've ever built! Liam thought it was the greatest thing ever, but I think it was Jeremy who got the biggest kick out of it! We built the snowman, then went inside and had our own personal Super Bowl party complete with wings, jalapeno poppers and chili! It was fun, and I thought the game ended how it should have! At least the Packers lost to the champs!

The first layer of the snowman is already bigger than Liam!
Liam is fascinated by the snow plows. Here he is fixated on them, you can see them in the circle in the back.
Lookin' Good!
The finished product! Maybe one more layer would have cleaned up all the snow in the front yard!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well Hello! My dad got me this fancy new scanner/printer/copier (just wish it would do the laundry) thing for my birthday so I decided to check out the scanner. I scanned a couple pics of my wedding that are my favorite.

I have a few posts I want to get on, I just haven't made the time. I will try to get them done this weekend. Until then, enjoy my wedding pics!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing to post about...

Here I am, I'm pretty disappointed with myself! I have had absolutely nothing to blog about. That may be a good thing though because it means my life has setteled down a little! Liam and I have just been hanging out and being bums. Since I have nothing to talk about, I will just talk about Liam and how he is the cutest kid in America!

1. We have not watched Cars one time since my last post. For the last month, the whole world has been about Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder and Barney. Then Friday night I brought the new Disney movie Snow Buddies home and I bet we have watched it 30 times in 4 days! It is a really cute movie, I don't mind watching it at all. And it's real people instead of a cartoon!

2. Liam is obsessed with construction equipment! I took him to the zoo Sunday morning because it was a beautiful day and because he was learning about the zoo at school all week. I thought he would have so much fun seeing the animals he had been learning about, but instead we found out they are doing construction at the zoo for the winter and there were diggers and bulldozers all over the place! It took me forever to get him to see the elephants, he would have much rather played on those big machines!

3. Liam is talking so much better lately. I can actually understand him most of the time! He is so inquisitive about everything. Especially about where all of our cars are, he wants to make sure they are accounted for. With all of the snow Jeremy has been driving our pos truck and I've been driving the Jeep. Liam really thinks that truck is the best thing that has ever happened! He wants to know where it is and when he can see it. He makes the sound of the truck all the time!

4. One of Liam's favorite new tricks is snorting! He will laugh and remember that he knows how to snort then he's laughing and snorting so hard he forgets to breath! It's so funny! I pick him up at school all the time and they tell me he just laughed all day!

5. Finally, potty training... He's doing so well at school! He goes at least twice a day and has a dry pull-up almost all day! As far as going at home... he would rather not. I've bought tons of m&ms, tons of stickers made him a chart like at school, everything! He doesn't have the peer pressure at home like he does at school, and frankly he couldn't care less!

That's us in a nut shell! Jeremy and I are going skiing this weekend so hopefully I have some fun pics to post after that. Hopefully this was entertaining enough for now!