Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007

Jeremy, Liam and I had a wonderful Christmas this year! We had my dad and Natalie over for Prime Rib dinner on Christmas Eve and opened gifts with them. Jeremy and Liam got a 55 gallon fish tank that is really cool! Then Christmas morning, my mom and Natalie came over to open Santa's gifts and hang out with us. Liam got a train table from my mom that he is absolutely in love with! After the gifts were open, Jeremy's friend Will and his mom came over for breakfast. It was wonderful having them here, they are a big part of our family. I hope we can start a new tradition of that in the years to come. After breakfast, we let Liam take a nap and Jeremy and I cleaned up a little. Then we headed to Jeremy's parents house for our third Christmas celebration! We had a great ham dinner then it was time to go home to bed. It was a huge day with lots of excitement. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts! Until next year...

Liam inside the base of the fish tank.
Now Natalie has helped him get inside of the cat condo.
Christmas morning, coming down to see the gifts!
The first look! (even though Liam had a sleeper on, he insisted on having the Elmo socks my dad gave him too!)

The new train table.
Breakfast with the fam.
I'm not sure who likes the train more, Liam or Jer!
This kid is really spoiled and has a million people that love him! A week after Christmas, he's still overwhelmed with all the new toys he has!!!

Random bits of fun

These are some ranom pictures I would like to share! First, Liam has two new passions. One is cooking, the other is taking pictures with my camera. We've been working on the picture taking (mostly he gets his fingers infront of the lense so all you get are pictures of his fingers) but the other day he got a good one so I have to share. Also, the Saturday before Christmas, Liam and I went out to get the mail and there was a huge hot air balloon practically in our front yard. We got really excited and took a few pictures of that too. It was a beautiful day and the balloon was awesome!

Liam helping me cook.
The picture Liam took of me and Tassy! Pretty good, huh!
These are my two crazy dogs!
Pretty balloon!

Snow day!

Helping dad...

Liam's pink nose and cheeks!

First, I have to document the fact that Jeremy shoveled! Jeremy and Liam bundled up to shovel the driveway that big storm before Christmas. Liam loves to "shabol." I can't really spell how he says "shovel" but it's really cute!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Trimming the tree!

Liam was having a rough night the other night and I was having a hard time finding something to entertain him with. Then I had a wonderful idea! Let's trim the tree! He and I had a great time, he was really good with the ornaments (I was a little concerned about him being careful with some of them, but he did really well!) We turned on some Christmas music and had a few dances too. When we were all done, Liam had his first cup of hot chocolate. I thought it was fitting! Now he's obsessed with marshmallows, but he was so cute with it.

Liam got his own "Cars" ornaments for this year.
Liam's favorite ornaments! He kept moving them around the tree but they were always hung together!

His first cup of Hot Cocoa! Not too hot though!
My finished nativity set! The pic is a little blurry, but you get the idea. I've been getting pieces for my b-day (which is in January, after Christmas) for the last few years and now it's finally complete this year. It's so beautiful, I love it. I would love to collect nativities. I think they are a beautiful piece of art and it illustrates the best story of all time!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Holy cow! I've been trying to blog these pictures for days, but my internet has been having serious issues. The Comcast guy promised I would be able to blog now, so I'm holding him to it. I don't think he understands the importance of the LiamClink blog! :)

Anyway, last weekend we had the December family party at my mom's. It was a really fun party! The boys got to decorate gingerbread houses and play in the snow. Zachary won the gingerbread house contest, he was really good at getting that candy on the frosting. Liam, Ty and Conner just wanted to eat it all and not worry about the house! Here are some fun pictures of the boys. Christmas becomes more fun with them every year! I can't believe this is Liam's 3rd Christmas already!

Liam, the poser as usual. (Wonder where he gets that from?) Zachary looks like he is in heaven!

Tyson's gingerbread house...
Zachary's gingerbread house...
Conner's house is looking a little bare!
Thank goodness Liam has an aunt. She's the best helper!
I did what I could, but it was really messy!
(note: Please notice 3 generations of the lip hanging out! I must have gotten that from SoSo! And poor Liam may have gotten it from me! At least I have proof that I'm not the only one that looks like a dork in pictures. It was hard work that required a lot of concentration!)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Elfin' Family

Check out our Elfin' Dance!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I wish you could hear Liam say "gobble gobble" in this blog. He's the cutest kid ever!! We had a wonderful time at SoSo's house for dinner this year. The food was the best I think we've ever had. Nanny made stuffing from scratch with sausage. I don't even like stuffing, but I ate about 3 helpings. She also smoked the turkey, and that was the best I've ever had too! My whole side of the family was there, except Dave, Sherry and Conner. It was really nice to all be together. Here are some pictures of our really fun day!

Liam eating pie. I didn't think he would like the pumpkin, but it was his favorite.
Liam and my mom eating pie.

Uncle Jeff, Amanda and Zach, Natalie, Jessi, Nanny and mom.
Amanda and Zach, SoSo and Tyson the ham.
Holy cow... alert the press... Natalie and Brynn are doing dishes? Is this right?
Marcia's beautiful pies. The cake on the left is spice cake with toffee icing. Ohh, so good! It was SoSo's b-day so we got cake too!
Marcia, Nanny and my mom.
I guess we'll start getting ready for Christmas now!

A Slow November

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. I think you can always tell when I'm into a book because I don't blog for a while. I've been reading John Grisham's Playing for Pizza. If you like football, it was a great book. I really liked it!! If you're not so much into the sport, I can see how it might be a little boring. Anyway, November has been pretty blah. I'm kind of glad though, maybe that means my life is settling down a little!

The store is kicking butt, and I think kicking Jeremy's butt! He's working a ton, but loving every minute of it. I've been working Sundays to give him a break and some time with Liam. I think they both appreciate that.

Like I said, not much has been going on other than Liam is really getting so big. We had to get tubes put in his ears about two weeks ago and he has changed. He is talking so much and understanding so much better. I was really trying to believe he wasn't struggling, but now that we've had it done, I feel a little guilty waiting so long. At least now it's done and we can go on from here!

This was the only picture I could get of him at the hospital. He wasn't able to eat and we had to wake him up really early, so needless to say he was not in the mood for pictures. These are his hospital jammies. He actually really liked them! Not so much the socks though!

Other than a harmless surgery, it's been really low key. We've been starting potty training. He and I are not so much in synch on this yet. He "tries" many times a day, but has yet to actually get some potty in the toilet. They say he is trying at day care too, but I think this will be a long road ahead! These are pictures of Liam with his new big boy britches on. He is showing them to you!

I kept calling the britches panties, and Jeremy was having a cow! Being a girl, I had no other word for them. Kim in my office suggested britches, so there we go! Ohhh, cute britches Liam!!! :)

By the way... I cut all of his hair off. I know it's ugly, I won't do it again. You live and learn!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The sound track...

I figured out how to add a playlist to my blog. I tried to pick songs that reminded me of Liam and my family. I hope you enjoy my selection...

Liam's Halloween

I decided to put some of Liam's Halloween pictures all in the same blog. There's not much to post since Liam's frankly as excited about Halloween as his mother! He refused to wear his pumpkin costume by screaming "NO PU-KAN" a billion times before his Halloween party at school. Therefore I took the costume back and he was nothing for Halloween. Then when I tried to take him Trick-or-Treating, he decided he would rather "Wat Mitey" (watch Mickey) so we did that and just passed out candy. The only Halloween-ish thing we did right was carve a pumpkin. He actually really liked that and was super cute during the carve. Sadly, all of our pumpkins were stolen off of our porch the next day. The a** h**** were nice enough to leave Liam's jack-o-lantern though.

Liam really enjoying his school Halloween party... you can tell he was really getting jiggy with his bad self!
The pumpkin carve

The final product...

Happy Halloween at the Office

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE MAC! Little black pots of color totally make me happy! Anyway, this is Amber who was brought into my life as a notary, but really is a super cool person, and she's a MAC Pro! She came to our office and painted our faces for Halloween so we looked Super Bad! Here are some really cool pictures of my very best friends. Note the amazing make up case on the desk! Seriously...

Amber painting a prism on Kim's face. She looked like Pink Floyd!!
Melissa, Kim, Shonna and Me
Me and Melder! (Melissa Elder, but I like to call her Melder!)

Our cool faces!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Liam Clink's 2nd Birthday Party!

This was the most beautiful day for a party! We rented a bounce house and set it up right in the front yard! It was totally awesome and I think everyone had a great time. Liam had the time of his life. I think he was in heaven when I walked him outside and that huge bouncer was out there! Here are a ton of pics. Thank you to everyone who came! I think I might rent a bounce house for every party. That thing was a blast!

Tyson and Liam...Tyson was not sure he wanted to bounce at this point. Wait a few pics!
Liam was not hesitant at all. He dove in with force!
This was the awesome Elmo cake we made. It was ice cream that I decorated with sugar.
Tyson decided he liked bouncing too!

Hazel was the only girl of the bunch. I think she enjoyed it!
Liam sliding out of the door head first on his back!
Kids jumping!
Mom...There's a girl sitting by me...
Mom...She's going to kiss me! Liam's first kiss!
Super cute pic of Liam!
Even Tassy enjoyed the party!
This is the bike my mom bought Liam. This was the first ride.
It was short lived, but very cool! Now if he could just figure out how to steer!