Sunday, October 28, 2007

Liam Clink's 2nd Birthday Party!

This was the most beautiful day for a party! We rented a bounce house and set it up right in the front yard! It was totally awesome and I think everyone had a great time. Liam had the time of his life. I think he was in heaven when I walked him outside and that huge bouncer was out there! Here are a ton of pics. Thank you to everyone who came! I think I might rent a bounce house for every party. That thing was a blast!

Tyson and Liam...Tyson was not sure he wanted to bounce at this point. Wait a few pics!
Liam was not hesitant at all. He dove in with force!
This was the awesome Elmo cake we made. It was ice cream that I decorated with sugar.
Tyson decided he liked bouncing too!

Hazel was the only girl of the bunch. I think she enjoyed it!
Liam sliding out of the door head first on his back!
Kids jumping!
Mom...There's a girl sitting by me...
Mom...She's going to kiss me! Liam's first kiss!
Super cute pic of Liam!
Even Tassy enjoyed the party!
This is the bike my mom bought Liam. This was the first ride.
It was short lived, but very cool! Now if he could just figure out how to steer!

Friday, October 12, 2007

One more b-day post!

I have to show you this too... This is about 9:30 at night after his b-day party. He was obsessed wit this race track. It didn't even have batteries yet! He was so cute playing with his new toys.

The future John Stockton? Liam loves the "basetbull" hoop Nat gave him!
Slam Dunk!

Liam's Second Birthday

This evening was one of the best evening ever. Liam was so excited and had no idea why! First, we took ice cream to his school for all the kids to enjoy and they all loved it. Everyone was thinking Liam and he was oblivious! Then I picked him up and we went out to the District. We ate at Red Robin so Jeremy could be there with us. Liam was great at dinner, which is very rare! Then we opened presents in front of Marble Slab, and pretty much took over the whole sidewalk. It was funny! The first gift Liam opened was a sweat suit. He pulled it out of the packaging, held it up for everyone to see and said with force, "Ohh Cute!" It was seriously one of the funniest things ever! We all died laughing! :) After that, everything was "Cute!" I think he had a blast at his birthday party. Sunday should be an interesting day with his b-day party. He's going to have so much attention, he's not going to know what to do with himself!

Cute pic of Liam and Nat. That's a balloon string in the middle of the pic.
Not the best pic, but we took tons to try to get one. Liam was way more interested in the balloons than having a family picture taken.
Liam being very silly! He was force-laughing so hard. It was hilarious!
Liam is shoving this in my face, screaming "Elmo Cheese!" Like - "take a freaking picture of me and my new jacket!"
Grandma helping open a new race track. My mom bought Liam a motorized motorcycle that I thought I had a picture of. I will take one at the party on Sunday and post it. It's amazing!

Opening Day!

October 4, 2007...It happened...We opened our doors...and people came! This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We have been waiting almost 2 years exaxtly, for this day! The emotions were almost too much to handle! I think Jeremy is still shocked that he actually has an ice cream store, much less a business to call his own. There were 2 boys circling the parking lot waiting for us to open, so they were our first customers. It was very exciting!

Taking down the "Coming Soon" banner and replacing it with store hours.
Opening the front doors! It was an awesome moment!

Yes, this is me scooping ice cream. It looks hard, but it's even harder than it looks!

Friends and Family Night

The night has finally arrived. We had a opening night social where we invited our families, but we also invited the families of our new employees. The store was packed, but the employees and Jeremy kept the line moving all night. It was so fun having everyone together for this spectacular night, it means a lot to have the support we have! Here are a few fun pictures from the beginning of the night. As the party went on, I was unable to take more pics because Liam was psycho! He's so used to having the store all to himself, he couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to run all over and behind the swinging door. We had a great time though and I hope everyone comes back for seconds!

Uncle Pat - need I say more?! This is him very excited as we opened the doors!
Shanel, Mandy and Jessica - the only employees I could get a pic of!

The line! Everyone was so patient! I'm sure it was worth waiting for!
Jessi with her fantastic creation!
Zachary seemed to really like his too!
Even Connor got a taste of moms.
Liam - after a long, crazy night. He grabbed his "this" blanket and laid down in the middle of the store. You can see the people standing in line right next to him. I think he likes to be the star of the show. I wonder where he got that from....