Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy freaking mother of a post... finally!

Hello again! The Pool family just got home from a wonderful trip visiting Mandy and Rob in Orlando, FL. It was a blast, but I think we may have pushed the little guy too hard a few days. It was so hot and humid there it was really unbearable for us dry climate livers! Anyway, a good time regardless... here are a TON of pics to prove it. As usual, I have uploaded from end to beginning, so just pretend time goes backwards here!

Liam on the plan ride home. He was asleep before take-off!!!
Downtown Disney, our last stop for some shopping before the airport home. I love this place! Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did Seaworld the morning before we went to the airport... big mistake. Liam was ready to go home and did not want to be there at all. Shamu looks happy here, but when we went to her show, she and her friends threw a temper-tantrum and refused to perform! It was quite funny, but they had to cancel the show. Mandy was handy (ha - Handy Mandy!!!) to have with us because she was able to explain the behaviors that were going on which was really interesting. Every time we go there with her we end up having people surrounding us every time she talks about the animals because she knows so much. It's like having your own private tour behind the scenes. I really learn a lot from her every time. It's really fun!

Dumbo at DisneyWorld. My dad likes to tell me a story about him waiting in line for an hour with me to ride this silly ride when I was really little. Payback is a ***** because I waited with Liam for about 50 minutes and he was not happy about it even though he really wanted to ride. Patience is hard when you are 3!

Liam having a fit in line for Dumbo.

Cute family pic!

Jer and Liam getting into the race car. Liam was ecstatic because Jeremy let him drive the whole time! Both of my boys were super cute on this one!

Liam has never seen Toy Story, but he really liked Buzz LightYear. Especially after we had just riden his wicked cool ride!

Liam took this pic at the Wild Animal Park. We were sitting in a gift shop during a huge rain storm. Wow! I forgot it really knows how to rain in Florida, but it's also gone so fast!


On the Safari at the Animal Park. Surprisingly, this was my first time at this park. I really liked it and the Lion King show is a must see! It's awesome!
Picture in front of the Tree of Life!

African drums

I carried this fanny pack to each park. Even though I looked like a major dork, Jeremy and I figured out the savings on water and snacks the pack provided on this day was over $100. We drank so much water by refilling the bottles and I had the dang thing full of granola bars and chips. It was really great and worth the dorkiness!

The first night at Hollywood Studios. There is nothing to see here, especially for little kids. But Jeremy got his "turkey leg" - actually emu - GROSS! It was all he wanted and said it was really sick... go figure!

Done with Disney! The boys - Zachary, Tyson and Liam - at the 4th of July parade!

Liam with Ronnie Price at the Fanzz by the ice cream store. Such a cutie... I mean Liam...ya... Liam!

Sherry and I took Conner and Liam to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. Very fun...

Liam on the pony ride.

We went to the Buzz game a few weeks ago and got totally rained out. We were not ready to go home so we stopped at Fat Cats and Liam played his first game of bowling. He loved it, and did pretty well with the kids helper thingy.

Liam did a 2 week summer camp where they had a swimming lesson every day too. The last day is supposed to be all exciting when they "get to jump" off the diving board. Liam did not like this at all so they dropped him in the water. Not sure how I felt about that, but he lived to tell!

Getting ready for the diving board...


Liam being Hannah Montana with his Elmo guitar. So funny! Look at Jager hanging out in the sandbox in the back. That's funny too!

Liam in my dad's hat of Father's Day! Ahhh...

So, that's us in a nutshell! I forgot my camera on the days we went to Clearwater Beach in Tampa. Mandy took pics so I will get some from her and post them later. This summer vacation thing is the bomb! I highly recommend it to everyone. Next week I have to start thinking about school again, but I think I will be ready when school starts. I hope everyone is having a nice summer as well!