Sunday, September 7, 2008

A ton of pictures for a quick update!

Howdy Strangers! I'm sure I should be doing homework or making lesson plans instead of this, but I need a break a have felt out of the loop! Here are a few cute pics from the last month or so. I just noticed I did not take one picture of Jeremy or his Jeep in Moab so that is missing from our month of chaos! Other than that, here is the quick and dirty so I can get back to work!

This of course, is when Casey from Channel 2 came to the Slab! It was a blast, and I think Jeremy did awesome considering how nervous he was!

This is my SUPER CUTE class!!! I love them and I think they love me too! The room looks really bare in this pic, but I have bulletin boards and center stuff up now too. I just wanted you to see how cute they are!
This is them being silly. Very typical of my class!

This was the day before school started. Natalie is my hero, this room would be nothing without her.
My desk! I have a computer now! Thank goodness!

Jessi's birthday in Vegas!! Wahoo! We had a really great time for the b-day bash! Everyone had gone to bed, but Jessi and Sherry and I decided to keep partying! This was at the Beatles Revolution bar in the Mirage where we stayed. It was super fun!