Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just some pics!

Me and Jer on the ice skating rink at the Galivan Center. It was past midnight so it was closed, but it was beautiful so Nat took this pic for us. This was after the "big party!"

The second generation "McGeary girls" that are old enough to go to the bar now! This was Keys on Main for Nat's 21st b-day party. We stayed at the Marriott at the Galivan Center and had a blast.

Amanda and I took the boys to Temple Square to see the lights. They had a great time, it's fun to have the boys together.
The day before we saw the lights, I kept Ty and Zachary for the afternoon. This pic made me cut Liam's hair. It was way too long and next to the Averett boys, he looks like a girl!

Nat and I saw New Kids on the Block when they were here. It was very fun and cool to introduce my little sister to my old crush!

So there is the monthly update! I have other things I really should be doing, like homework, making Nativity angels costumes, playing with Liam, cleaning house etc, but here I sit posting pics. We are doing well, but we are freakishly busy. Next week is my last week of teaching school and going to school for almost 3 weeks. I can't wait... mama needs a break!