Monday, January 14, 2008

Cars Soundtrack

Liam's favorite movie in the world is Cars! He watches it a few times every day. He loves Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally Car, Doc, Luigi and Pit Stop (Guido)! I put a few songs from the movie on my play list. I love the Sh-Boom song. I know it's nerdy, but every time that part of the movie is on, Liam and I have to stop and watch and dance. The cars are so cute and it's just fun to see. When Life is a Highway comes on Liam is the happiest kid in the world. (I love that he loves Rascal Flatts - they are my favorite!) He dances his guts out, it's great! Enjoy!!!

Welcoming a new addition...

Sebastian - The Crab!

We got this fish tank for Christmas and Jeremy is OBSESSED! I had this innocent idea to maybe get a crab. You would think the words of God came out of my mouth! So, now we have this crab in our fish tank. The guy at PetSmart said they are harmless and just hide under the fixtures in the tank. He said we will never see him and the worst thing that can happen is it can climb out of the filter in the back of the tank. **Read my lips... if that crab climbs out of this tank I will seriously freak out! It will NOT be a good thing.** The crab does not hide, in fact, it comes out to play rather regularly. The albino cat fish (if you are wondering a cat fish says meow.) we have dive bombs the sucker and it pinches at the poor fish! Jeremy and Liam think this crab is the coolest thing that ever happened. Liam has to keep tabs on it at all times. Below there is a picture of my husband and his new favorite seat in the house. If anyone wants to come over and entertain me, that's fine. My husband has his new entertainment and obviously doesn't need me anymore!!!

It climbs to the top of this big piece of drift wood and claims "king of the tank."
Jeremy watching the damn fish! Thanks dad!

The Children's Museum

My friend Heidi and I had babies 2 days apart. Her daughter Haley is 2 days younger than Liam, even though she was due almost 2 weeks before me! We don't get together often enough, but when we do, we have a great time! This Sunday we took the train (Trax) from 10000 S. to to the Children's Museum at the Gateway. The kids had a blast on the train, but it was too long of a ride for them. Note to self... drive to 3300 S. and go from there next time! Anyway, we had a blast, I highly recommend it to anyone with kids! Blogger is having issues tonight, so I'm having to paste a few pics at a time. They are in no order at all. Sorry for the randomness!

Liam is looking out the window of the bird house. Everything was really tiny in there, cute!
The helicopter. I think Liam almost pooped his pants when he saw it. He's talking about it non-stop!
Haley and Liam in the "copter."

On the choo-choo train.
The big water fountain. Can anyone tell me how I can get one of these in my house. What a cool idea!
Liam driving the Jeep at the service station.
Haley and Heidi on the horse. Liam didn't really like the horse.
In the bird house.
PS - My b-day is a week from today... just incase anyone is wondering! It's also Martin's b-day and because of that... I don't have to work!! (but the daycare is still open - heeheehee!)