Monday, June 30, 2008

10 Years Already???

Wow! I can't believe it's been 10 years since I graduated from good old Judge High School! My 10 year reunion was a few weeks ago and I had decided I wasn't going to go. We went to Jeremy's last year and it was kind of lame so I thought I could pass. Then I heard there was an "unofficial" reunion party at Hogs Wallow the night before the official reunion so I decided to do that instead. It was fun seeing everyone, I really don't keep up with anyone at all. I have to say, I've come a long way in 10 years. It was fun to have something to talk about, like Jeremy, Liam, the store, the new job, etc. So here is a cute pic, these are my cronies I used to hang with 24/7. Mary Duricy is on the far left, she and I were in school together from 4th grade. She was Mary D. and I was Mary T. (Thorne, for you guys who don't know!) It was a total trip, but I'm really glad I'm done with that part of my life. On to bigger and better things!!!

Mary Duricy, Nicole Fritz, Me, and Maren Slaugh

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jamaica Mon

Well, We survived the much anticipated trip to Jamaica! It was a blast, so much fun, very relaxing and worth the stress of leaving the store! Which did very well by itself I must add! I have tons of pictures posted, but I'm suprised I didn't take more. It was so beautiful, the pictures would not have done justice even if I had taken them.

We stayed in an all-inclusive resort so there was no reason to leave so we didn't! We stayed in pretty much the whole time and it was plenty for us. I guess that's why there's not a huge assortment of pics!

On with the show!...

Liam in the Atlanta airport anxiously waiting to get on the next plane to Jamaica. He was so good on the way there, he slept the whole time. Coming home, not so much, but not bad! I think this is so cute, he was so excited about the airplanes!
The first night in Jamaica after a long day traveling. This little reagge man came to the resort and gave us the history of reagge music and sang to us. He also did the electric slide to a reagge beat and I have to say I was the only one who did the dance!
Liam watching the Rastafarian! I did find out that Rastafarian is it's own religion too. I know the whole history, if you are interested ask me, but I thought it was very cool. Maybe next time you see me I will have dreads! :)
Liam bellied up to the bar! He was pooped! They had the best fruit punch there. I think Liam could drink that the rest of his life!
The first day Liam was not so fond of the water. The next day it was better, but by the last trip to the beach we had to watch him very carefully because he had no fear! It was cool to watch him! That was my chair in the water, I could really sit there all day!

The second day I thought I should be brave and take the boat trip out with the group. I should have known it was a bad idea, but it was beautiful and the water was calm. The way out was great, beautiful and scenic...
This is a shot of where our boat dropped us off. It's not a great picture, but you get somewhat of an idea of how the locals live. There were little huts between the trees that were their houses. No one warned me Jamaica is a third world country, it was awful!
This is the storm that rolled in while we were out shopping. Needless to say, we got back in our dingy to get home and the water was crashing and chopping. I was so sea sick I was balling because I wanted to barf so bad. Because of the rough water it took us over an hour to get back, it took about 20 minutes to get there! It was terrible, I will NEVER do a small boat in the ocean again. This is twice and both times were awful!
Oh cute! "All" the girls out on yet another girls night. Jeremy took this picture. Where was I? Oh ya - not invited... again! This is Rob with Mandy and Jeremy - he was the groom.
Oh Beautiful!
The bride at sunset, it really was gorgeous!

My cute family. This didn't really turn out the way I wanted, but I think it's cool regardless.
Liam in his cute wedding outfit. If you can believe I forgot to take my camera to the wedding. I'm sure everyone else has pics of Liam so I will try to get some.
The bride and groom.
This was a crab on the beach that Jeremy and his dad were tourchering. It was really funny to see it defend himself!

Op - now the claws are out! It really was entertaining, I took a ton of pics of this!
Liam is winding down wedding night. The kid was pooped! But he was the best little ring bearer! I didn't even have to call him down the aisle.
And he's done! And we found out he is a true McGeary! His sweat glands pump just like the rest of us!
This movie and dvd player got us through the trip. If you don't know the Wonder Pets, you are missing out - they are so cute!

Laim playing and sinking in the sand. He finally likes the water!
Umm... what happened?
Where's Liam?
I know, wrong baby, but I think this is super cute of me and Jer! This is Lily, the other baby in our group. She was great too! Jeremy was helping at the moment.

There you have it! A few things to note that I don't have pictures of - We rented jet skis! I had my own and it was freakin awesome and pouring down rain! Oh, I loved it! I fell of my "sled" as Jeremy calls them (silly!) like a freakin rock star, but lost my glasses! It was worth it because everyone said I looked like the x-games!
Also, we did a His and Hers massage - best massage I've ever had! I wanted it in a cabana on the beach but the weather was bad but the garden was great!
And the wedding was beautiful. The weather was great for the whole day. Liam did a spectacular job and we all looked great!
That's it, this is the longest post ever!