Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007

Jeremy, Liam and I had a wonderful Christmas this year! We had my dad and Natalie over for Prime Rib dinner on Christmas Eve and opened gifts with them. Jeremy and Liam got a 55 gallon fish tank that is really cool! Then Christmas morning, my mom and Natalie came over to open Santa's gifts and hang out with us. Liam got a train table from my mom that he is absolutely in love with! After the gifts were open, Jeremy's friend Will and his mom came over for breakfast. It was wonderful having them here, they are a big part of our family. I hope we can start a new tradition of that in the years to come. After breakfast, we let Liam take a nap and Jeremy and I cleaned up a little. Then we headed to Jeremy's parents house for our third Christmas celebration! We had a great ham dinner then it was time to go home to bed. It was a huge day with lots of excitement. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts! Until next year...

Liam inside the base of the fish tank.
Now Natalie has helped him get inside of the cat condo.
Christmas morning, coming down to see the gifts!
The first look! (even though Liam had a sleeper on, he insisted on having the Elmo socks my dad gave him too!)

The new train table.
Breakfast with the fam.
I'm not sure who likes the train more, Liam or Jer!
This kid is really spoiled and has a million people that love him! A week after Christmas, he's still overwhelmed with all the new toys he has!!!


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