Saturday, September 22, 2007

The first batch...

The first batch of sweet cream was made last night. Chad brought Ridge and Jagger, Natalie and Ashton were there with Liam, Jeremy and myself. We all witnessed the first batch going in a cream and coming out as sweet goodness!

Jeremy pouring in 14% fat - cream (pretend I didn't tell you that.)
Extracting the wonderful ice cream.
This is what heaven looks like!
Chad having a sample.
Jeremy "cleaning" the machine! We will be a little more sanitary when we open! I hope everyone finds the ice cream as wonderful as we do! Come and get it!

The store is done!!

Well, This is it! We have an ice cream store and we are ready for business. The official opening date is October 4th. For all of you reading this, please pass the word along. We are at The District in South Jordan (11400 S. Bangeter.) It's been a long time coming, I don't think any of us can believe it's actually going to happen. Here's to success!

Funny Liam

You probably would never know that this was taken after we saw the flags. We went home and Jeremy made spaghetti and meatballs. Liam ate 6 meatballs and a whole plate of spaghetti. He thinks he's so dang funny after being a total butt at the Healing Field. Maybe he really was hungry!...

September 11, 2007

We took Liam to Sandy City Hall to see the flags at the Healing Field. When we first got there, he really did think it was cool, but after a few muinutes he decided he was very hungry and tired and ready to go home. We were hoping to stay for the ceremony, but Liam wasn't being very respectful. If you haven't seen the Healing Field, I recommend it. It's beautiful and a great way to remember.

This is a great pic of my bum, but since I don't ever seem to get into the blog, this is what you get!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

How I blog...

I thought I was so funny with this~ Jeremy wanted a fire, I wanted to blog. This is what we got! Thank goodness for wireless internet!

New Music

Jeremy says this is the perfect song for my blog. I guess Colbie reminds him of me! I LOVE Colbie Callait! Her cd is the best, at work at home or in the car. If you haven't heard of her, check it out. I think she's in concert here pretty soon too. Anyway... Enjoy!

Oktober Fest

It was a BEAUTIFUL day at the "bird" today! Liam was awesome and we had so much fun. The food was better than I think it's been and it was packed (which was kind of fun too.) Jeremy and I rode the zip line, Bill took pictures that I should get tomorrow. Liam was so freakin' funny rolling down the hills. Jeremy even got down and rolled with him! Here are some really fun pictures of all of us. The pic of the 3 of us isn't the best, but you do what ya can!


Liam loves the water! The holds the hose and screams "Water!" Or he holds the sprinklers or sprayer, and screams "Water!" He also likes to point out every sprinkler head in the yard and yell, "Water!" The other night I was trying to talk to Jeremy on the phone while he's screaming "Water!" so I finally attached the sprinkler and let him play. Tassy drinks out of the sprinkler, so Liam decided to see what he could do too! I was laughing so hard as he put his face right into the sprinkler. Here are some super cute pics!

MSC, Quick Update

So, I'm horribly embarrased that I have not updated this sooner. These pics are from weeks and weeks ago. The store is done! These are so old so Jeremy is going to take the camera tomorrow to get us some updated pictures. Here is what I have since the last time...

The store was supposed to open next weekend, but it's not looking that way now. I think it's going to be more like the end of the month now. If anyone knows of a teenager looking for a job, tell them to call us. We need employees!