Thursday, January 29, 2009

Liam's gymnastics

Yea! A post! So, I got an "Ashton Kutcher" camera for my b-day! It's even purple! Here are some fun pictures of Liam at his gymnastics awards night. He's so cute, especially with his "girlfriend" Teagan. They are so cute together, but the teacher has to split them up now because they don't pay any attention when they are together. I think this a sign of bad things to come! Anyway, the first picture is actually Liam being a puppy in the car. We have to get places about 5 minutes lately so Liam can be a puppy in the car and sit at the window and bark! It's funny but it gets a little old.

Liam and Teagan got their medals. Liam is showing his to Teagan, so cute!

Liam doing his caterpillar routine.

Liam says he and Teagan are in the car!

Now they are swinging on the bars, not supposed to do that at this time...
Liam sitting on the equipment, probably should be on the floor.
Somersaulting down the air track

Liam loves gymnastics. He goes to the Little Gym and we will be going for a while, I can't imagine him without it now! Alright, Pool... out!


Nate and Jenny said...

Oh Mary your posts make me so happy! I love that Liam is in gymnastics. I hear it's great for their coordination.

Jenni said...

Liam is so cute! I think it is so funny he likes to pretend to be a dog in a car.