Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's all about me!

Shoot, I forgot I have to put my pics on first, so pretend that these are at the bottom of the post!!

Jeremy's been taking Liam fishing that the ponds in S. Jordan. He loves it and even has his own "Cars" tackle box! This is the first (and only) fish!
We babysat Conner one day! He is so dang cute.

It's so freakin hot, I made cupcakes one day and the neighbor boys came over and decorated them with Liam. It was super fun, but now Liam is obsessed with putting sprinkles on ALL food. Like his corn on the cob last night!

Finally, a post, and it's all about me (with a few pics of Liam at the end!) I got a new job!!! And it's the best job ever in the world, and I'm so excited and stressed, and anxious, and stressed, and stressed and ... Okay, so I'm going to be the 2nd grade teacher at the new St. Andrew's Catholic elementary school in Riverton!!! :):):):):) I applied for the job months ago, April in fact, and even interviewed with the principal (who happens to be a nun!) but got no warm and fuzzies, so I've been pretty much thinking all summer that it wasn't meant to be. I went ahead and enrolled in the U. of Phoenix masters in education program to see if I could get a job next year with a year of school under my belt. Suddenly, Sister Karla asked me to come in for a second interview and she offered me the position!! I said yes right away then got in my car and nearly threw up! I've been observing a 2nd grade class in a year-round public school in Herriman this week, but then today I went to St. John's to see how they teach there, and I had a huge wake up call. The teaching is totally different, and the curriculum is so much harder. I was all ready to teach after visiting the public school, but after today I'm a wreck again!

So, needless to say, I am very, very excited, but I realize I have a huge challenge to work through. I have a lot to do to set up my classroom. I don't have nearly enough books for a classroom library so I'm going to the DI tomorrow to see what I can find there. I don't think I realized how much those little things mean to a teacher! I am going to do my classroom in a fish/underwater theme (since my last name is Pool!), I think that will be fun.

Also, the best part is, I only have 12 students in my class this year! It's going to be so fun getting to know them and learning with them as well. I pray to God, I can handle 12 kids!!! So that's what I've been doing! I'm sure you will see more posts about my class. I can't wait to see my classroom!!!!

Oh ya... here's Liam! It will be so nice in the next few years to have him in school with me. We will have summers and school holidays together, this is the perfect job for a mom! Here are some pictures of some fun things we have been doing. It's been great having this summer off, even though I admittedly have kept him in daycare!! :)
I'm MRS. POOL!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Everyone keeps asking me what I'm up to, you know - since I don't have a job or anything! I have an update, I'm just too lazy/busy to download pics and post! But my update is freakin' good! No, I'm not freakin' pregnant, but I know someone who is and is not telling anyone and it's driving me crazy! Anyway, I'm going to see Batman tonight so maybe I will post tomorrow before I leave town. That way I can do another post when I get back of my trip with my mom and Nat!
See ya!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nursery Bedding

I'm not very good at selling things, but I am going to sell Liam's nursery bedding. It's so nice, but I'm the type of person who is going to want something new if I ever have another baby, so I might as well let someone else enjoy this set. All of you girls out there are either having babies or know someone having a baby, so this is what I have! The set is really nice, and very well made. It's by Kimberly Grant from her Farm Yard set, you can see the entire set on her web site. I got it at Babinski's Baby in Foothill village. I am asking $130 for it, I paid almost $300 for all the pieces. The sheet it came with is worn, so I will keep that, but the colors are very easy to match! I had this in Liam's room with a red changing table cover, and it was adorable.

This is the mobile, very cute! This is my favorite part! This quilt has never been on a bed or seen a baby. It's always hung on the wall. The words say "Laugh" "Dance" and "Dream." The farm animals are embroidered and embellished.

Window Valance
Bumper pad. Also very clean!
Bumper detail.
Crib Skirt. It has black and white gingham around the trim.
Comment if you or someone you know is interested! I have it on KSL too!

A busy July so far

At the Stingers Game.

Well, hello again! We have had a very busy July, and today is only the 7th! Sometimes I wonder how Liam can keep up with me. This is going to be a picture blog, so I will narrate the pics as we go!

Anyone who knows Liam, knows he is obsessed with construction equipment! We stopped at a work site on Sunday to let him climb on the machines, and he was in heaven! He knows what they are all called and what they are used for, it's actually quite incredible!

The bobcat is his favorite!
We cleaned out my mom's office this weekend and she found this hard hat and gave it to Liam. Now he looks official!

The 4th of July pics got a little out of order, but here they are. This is Liam checking out a June bug in my Aunt SoSo's back yard. He thought that huge sucker was pretty cool.

So he caught it on a plate! He looks thrilled doesn't he?
Then all the boys had to go looking for more bugs. I love this pic of the 3 boys!

These are pictures of the Murray parade. It's always a blast!

Liam is getting really good at baseball! Here he is playing with my mom!

Nat and I took Liam to the zoo Wednesday morning to check out the new carousel. It was cool, but I was expecting a little more of the new area.

Liam at the Draper pool. It has a gorgeous view.
We set up in a model house at the party in Daybreak for their new subdivision, NorthShore. It was really fun, but Natalie and I scooped over 2500 scoops of ice cream. We were suffering big time. We didn't expect to see that many people, but it was great exposure for "the Slab!"

Liam and I decided we are going to keep the camera with us so we can take his pic next to a fire truck from each city. Here is Riverton...
We happened upon a car show/fundraiser at Murray Park last weekend. It was really fun, and even more fun because we didn't even know it was there and it was cool! Here is Liam with his snow cone.

And there were 2 fire trucks there!

That's all!